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Upcoming Events
Christmas Live Drive
On December 7th we will let our horses loose in the arena with a Christmas Tree decorated with treats. We will LIVE broadcast this event via Facebook. It is sure to be a fun event to watch! From now until Dec 7th we would like to have you gather up a team and raise money for your favorite horse or horses and what you think they will do to the tree! Teams of no more than 12 people can submit each pledge via paypal and their guesses via the dropdown menu on our website event page.

Horses              Actions
Dyani                Kick At It
Chance             Knock It Over
Gracie               Snort/Whinny At It
Luna                  Eat It
Sammi               Paw At It

The winners will be the teams that correctly guessed their horses response to the tree and who raised the most in pledges for their horse! Get creative on your, local business, friends, churches, or even other community organizations! Let's have a great time and get some friendly competition going as to who can raise the most pledges for their horses! Pledges will be used to care for the animals at Lily Creek Farms over the winter that are used in our programs to help children and adults with special needs!

The winning teams will receive a Day on the Farm gift certificate which includes carriage rides or horseback riding and great goodie bags of gifts and gift certificates! We will also have great prizes for our 2nd and 3rd place teams too! So get your team together and start raising pledges now! Pledges and votes must be in by Dec 7th at Noon. Live Broadcast will begin at 330pm Dec 7th. 

P.S. Don't forget to visit our Facebook Page and our Christmas Live Drive Photo Album for an Online Auction too!