Lily Creek Farms Therapeutic Riding Center
Hi! My name is Duke.
I was a Belgian Draft horse. I made it to 24 years old, and was 18.2 hands tall and almost 2,000 lbs! I am thankful I was rescued from slaughter and became the first therapy horse here at Lily Creek Farms! I came down with EPM which is a horrible horse illness and after fighting for 2 years I decided it was time to leave my earthly home on May 26th, 2018. My family started a memorial fund in my memory to help with the care and vet expenses for the horses and other animals at the farm. The fund is also in memory of the volunteers who have passed on too, Hayden Bevard and Mark Bakle. Our programs can not help people without our wonderful volunteers and very special horses. 

My Name is Amazing Grace (Gracie for short) and I am 26 years old. I am a quarter horse and am very happy to help at the farm. I used to only be used for our volunteers but after some work with our volunteers and staff I now get to help with the students here and I love it!  I have a tendency to throw my head around a bit but will cuddle if you give me treats!
Hi there! My name is Luna, I am about 17 yrs. old and I was rescued by one of the farms friends and then donated to Lily Creek! I am a pony since I am so short and my rescuer knew how badly they needed a shorter smaller horse for the kids! I'm called a racking pony because I have a very smooth gait (that's what you call the way I walk and trot). When I first came here I had never had a treat like a carrot, apple or peppermint in my life!!!! But now I really enjoy them! I am now the main therapy horse and 50% of our students ride me! I am so thankful I can help so many students here and hope I continue to help more as we get more students!
My name is Dyani and I am one of the youngest (15 years old) therapy horses at Lily Creek Farms! I am a draft pony, part Percheron Draft and part Mustang, so I am very strong and very fast. I love it when I get to run fast! I was donated by a wonderful lady who wanted me to have a good job. I am thankful I ended up here! I love to cuddle, I am the first one to come see you when you come in the barn because I want some lovin' and some treats! Speaking of treats, I kinda really like to eat! I am so thankful that everyone here loves me so much and I get so many treats! (Although the staff says I am way too round) I say that I'm just pleasantly plump! When I first came to the farm I was still a bit spooky and scared of things like Hulu hoops, but I love to make the kids happy so I learned quickly! The team learned quickly that I don't like being a white horse and my favorite color is mud! I am thankful I will live out a long life helping people here on the farm!
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My name is Dakota! I am a miniature horse, not a pony, but I wont get too upset if you call me a pony. I am 14 years old and came to the farm 7 years ago. I had never been around more then 1 human my entire life  and never was outside of my farm and moving here was just scary and crazy!  But the people here were so nice and they gave me lots of attention after I decided I wasn't scared of everything! Now they dress me up and take me to events and schools and nursing homes! Some times I can get upset after a long day of commotion but most days I just love the attention!
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My Name was Ms. Piggy. I am a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. I weighed somewhere around 250 lbs. Unfortunately, no one could tell me how old I was, but I was at least 12 years old when I passes away this year in 2020! But I was a free range pig and got to go wherever I wanted all day long all over the property although usually you would find me in my pen or hanging with the cats or sunbathing in the front yard! I loved to be petted and get belly rubs by everyone and was the first pig at Lily Creek Farms!
Ms. Lily
My Name is Ms. Lily. I am a mini Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. I am a little bigger than a bassett hound!! I am super spoiled and live in the house! I love to follow my friend Izzy around the farm but sometimes I get sidetracked with yummy grass and plants easily! I pretty much do want I want all day long all over the property although usually you find me with Izzy or hanging with the cats or sunbathing in the front yard!  I get more attention from our students than the horses do and some of the students get to brush and oil me as a reward for a good lesson! I really like that! I am supposed to be good at walking on a leash so I can go to schools and events, but secretly Id rather just be free to eat and sleep all day!
Izzadora (Izzy)
My Name is Izzadora but I go by Izzy. I am a Bassador, which is a mix of Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever. I am the resident dog at the farm and I go to all of the events and visit the nursing homes and veterans at events. I LOVE to hang out with the students and parents and anyone who will rub my belly! Most of the horses don't even mind me laying right in the middle of the yard when they are working! 
Duke's Memorial Fund
My name is Chance and I am16 years old. I am a draft horse, Belgian with some Andalusian mixed in. I was rescued by Lily Creek and was severely neglected by my previous owners. I have many scars and a bad wound on my foot that took 18 months to heal.  I know the staff and volunteers did an AMAZIBG job to make me better.
They tell me I have an interesting personality. All I know is that I'm a big guy and I don't like to be alone, so I like to break down stalls, gates, and whatever else is in my way to get to my herd and my people. I heard someone say the last gate I broke was my last chance, but I'm not worried because I think they love me too much to get rid of me! I am also called the " Selfie King", if you get out your camera I will happily pose with you!
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My name is Sammi! I am the newest addition to Lily Creek Farms. I am a 12 year old Haflinger.  I was rescued at a very young age and the lady who rescued me loved me so much she kept me as a pet until she could no longer care for me. I moved to another rescue and then Lily Creek Farms found me. I get bored sometimes and like to escape from the stall and barn and help my friends escape too! I really love my hay and I do love my job helping people as long as I dont have to work too hard! 
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Prince Winston & Jack Frost    
Our names are Prince Winston and Jack Frost. We are brothers, but from different litters, so Winston is a year older then me and I am 2 years old (Jack Frost). I LOVE Tennis Balls so much that everyone needs me I need a support group! I also love ALL people so much that I have a hard time staying out of their space because I want to be with them ALL THE TIME! My brother Winston is way more timid than I and will usually just hang back until he is comfortable with you. We both really enjoy going to visit senior centers and community events. it makes us feel so good that we can help! And we love our Groomers at Pampered Paws Grooming who help us look great for all our events!
Ms. Piggy
My name is Eeyore! I am a miniature donkey. I was the second animal here on the farm to be a protector of the horses and best friend of Duke. Boy, I miss that big guy everyday. I am still working on finding my job here, I mostly help new volunteers learn to be around an animal that might bite and kick. I do not want to be mean but I sometimes forget that humans do not play like horses do. I did start to learn to pain a while ago and maybe will try to pick that hobby up again soon. In the meantime I will continue to protect the herd like any good donkey! 
Duke's Memorial Fund
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