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Welcome to Lily Creek Farms
This poem is hung for all to see in the stables where the children and adults gather for our programs. We are Lily Creek Farms, a therapeutic horsemanship center. We have a professional team providing growth and learning opportunities through the use of equine-assisted therapy to improve the quality of our student’s lives. 

For children and adults with disabilities, the equestrian experience is life changing. No other therapeutic recreational opportunity benefits so many aspects of a disability in such a holistic way. Imagine the sense of confidence and independence a rider who uses a wheelchair feels on a horse. Think of a student's muscles growing stronger as he brushes his horse. Watch the emotional connection a rider develops with her horse, instructor, volunteers and fellow students. We have seen firsthand how working with a 1,100 pound animal and gaining its trust, increases a child or adults self-confidence, self-respect, and sense of responsibility. The farm is a place where riders of all ages benefit physically, cognitively and emotionally from a wide variety of horse experiences tailored to their needs by our horses, instructors and volunteers.

 At Lily Creek Farms, these kinds of "Little Victories" happen every day. The joy of watching Damien, who is one of our students that has Quad Cerebral Palsy, smile and point at his leg and say to us…”LOOK, LOOK, at my leg” as his leg stretches out to its proper length as he sits in the saddle and rides. Or watching Joey, one of our students with Down Syndrome, who came to us with no attention span and very limited vocabulary, in only 3 weeks tell the horse to go and help tie a saddle and listen to every word our instructors tell him while he is sitting so tall and proud in the saddle! These moments are beyond words and remind us again that our philosophy is true…the greatest of these IS love!

Registration now open for all children and adults, see our services page for more details!

What can you do to help these very special children and adults?  You can GIVE!
Not with your money alone, but you can also give your TIME. Volunteer. You can use your TALENT to be creative in giving. Think outside of the box. Give of your treasure. Check out our donation buttons below if you are willing to donate monetarily.
You can give a monthly sponsorship to support a child or therapy horse!
"I saw a child who could not walk, sit on a horse, laugh, smile and talk. He rode it through fields and daisies,
first time to ever walk unaided. I saw a child no legs below, sit on a horse and make it go. Through wondrous
woods of green to places he never could have seen. I saw a child would only crawl, ride on a horse and sit up
tall. He put his mount through its paces, proud of the wonder on our faces. I saw a child who would not smile,
sit on a horse and ride awhile. He used to only sit and stare, from his room or his chair. I saw a child born into
strife, take up and hold the reins of life.
 That beautiful child I heard him say, thank God for showing me this way!"
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